From the recording walking Each Other Home

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Same Old Love Song
Verse One
She’s broken your heart so many times before
But still you want to try again
You promised yourself you wouldn’t do this anymore
But here you are letting her back in
She swears to you it will be different this time
But can’t you see she’ll never change
Her persuasiveness is so sweet, so sublime
But before you know it, you’ll be standing in the rain
You do the lovin’ she does the leavin’
And the pain is all you feel
Maybe the music and the words have changed
But don’t you know it’s still
The Same Old Love Song
Verse Two
You said a love like yours could burn a city down
And you’re lost within the flames
But now you’ll just be another face in the crowd
And embers and ashes are all that remain
It takes courage to leave someone behind
And reach out to what’s ahead
To cast away broken those dreams takes time
And sometimes the anguish is best left unsaid
It ain’t no joke when hearts are broken
And it leaves your love hangin’ by a string
It seems the music and the words have changed
But still you just want to sing
The Same Love Old Song