1. Chipping Away

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Chipping Away
Verse One
Oh so long ago I turned myself to stone
Been hurt so many times I was better off being alone
Love was all around I just had no clue
I kept hoping but fairy tales don't come true
Then you came along somehow I could see
Blow by blow you were Chipping Away
Chipping Away at me
Chipping Away, one smile at a time
You're trying hard to change my mind
This old stone can't believe it's true
Now all I want is to fall in love with you
Verse Two
Hard to write love songs with a broken heart
Knowing all the words don't mean there's a place to start
Your eyes shining bright, pieces starting to fall
It’s been so long this makes no sense at all
I’m losing focus but one thing I can see
Blow by blow You're Chipping Away
Chipping Away at me
Repeat Chorus
Not sure what I fear more, the future or the past
But I know for sure, time goes by too fast
Need to slow it down, think I know what to do
Spend the rest, all the rest, side by side with you

Please keep Chipping Away at me
Oh’ all I want is to fall in love with you