From the recording walking Each Other Home

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High Mountain Road
Verse One
Thinking about the day I had sun was out and shining bright
Not much went the way it should but there’s enough that came out right
Songs written round the edges not all clear in the pale moonlight
Still you got to walk a steady line just to see them shine at night
I got your urgent message because you used that special code
Now I’m driving home to love you on this High Mountain Road
High Mountain Road
No time for distractions, put’m all on hold
High Mountain Road
Oh, the right side’s full of mountain, the left side’s noting
But a long ways down
On this High Mountain Road
Verse Two
Been too long since I’ve held you, the world can be a lonely place
Love rules the carnival I saw it in your face
Each day on this path we walk we reach for the stars that shine
I’ve seen them in your eyes before want to see them one more time
The past is past, today’s today, old memories can explode
No time to worry about the bones on this High Mountain Road
Repeat Chorus

You know it ain’t safe in this old pickup truck
You know if I get there it’ll just because of luck
You are the rainbow, you are the pot of gold
You are the reason for this old truck on this road
Repeat Chorus