From the recording walking Each Other Home

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Anger in the Heartland

Verse One
Stray bullet through the wall killed a small child today
Just where it came from no one would say
Short time later, other side of town
In the school parking lot, two more we’re gunned down
Every half an hour, one more life taken away
Did we reach our quota, did we kill forty more today

Anger in the Heartland truth is sad to see
Free to kill who we want in this land of the free
Got to slow the bullets down, need to make a stand
Too many dying from Anger in the Heartland

Verse Two
Woman died last night, guns blazing in a bar
At noon some road rage killed two in their car
Kids joining gangs sometimes forced to do
Vengeance is the rule, you kill me I'll kill you
Barrels full of hatred how did it get this way
Did we reach our quota, did we kill forty more today
Repeat Chorus

There’s too many innocent leaving sorrow behind
It wasn't their fault, no, wasn't their time
I'm crying inside, don't know what to do
Hope one of them bullets don't kill me, don’t kill you

Repeat Chorus