From the recording walking Each Other Home

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Jericho Moonshine
Verse one
Born and raised in this one horse town
Not even a schoolhouse to slow you down
One sheriff and a deputy that you can't never find
Playing poker in the back room most the time
Keeping their eyes closed and their hats pulled down *
There's only one reason to come to this old town *
Sweet aroma in the pines on this mountaintop
Been around for years, oh it ain't soon to stop
Smell of corn maze and honey, that we all know
Uncle john's cooking moonshine up in Jericho
Jericho moonshine,
Just a sip will keep you right on time
Jericho moonshine,
Kicks like a mule but sweeter than wine
Jericho, moonshine
Verse Two
I'm the only family left in this old town
The rest they’ve all moved to lower ground
Been helping out my uncle since dad passed on
Gotta stick together, keep the circle going strong
So just get off the highway a few miles back
Make that right turn just across the railroad tracks
County keeps it paved and we all know why
You just never know who might be stopping by
The cars keep changing but the faces we know
Cuz,Uncle john's cooking moonshine up in Jericho

Repeat Chorus
Uncle told me," Go to school, get good grades
I'll send you to college when you come of age"
I did my part and so did he
Got me a four year degree in chemistry
Repeat Chorus