From the recording walking Each Other Home

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Shadows on the Road
Verse One
The day was bright with sunshine, I couldn’t stay inside
So my old truck and I, we went out for a ride
I picked an old familiar road, knowing it was good as gold
For those giants that waved gently along it’s side
As I drove through all those shadows of the trees I was passing,
seemed like they all knew what was on my mind
Old memories can betray us, even when we're feeling strong
And I shed some tears for those I'd left behind
There's so many moments in the past I wish that i could change
Maybe that would help take a little off this load
Sometimes I can forget them, but like them big old trees I pass
Those memories still cast shadows, Shadows on the Road

Verse Two
If your one of those that I've hurt, I hope this will explain
Never meant to create a trail of pain
I am just a simple soldier, doing my best to get along
But still there are those moments i get lost inside the rain
There’s so much love I've wasted in my search to be free
And looking back those shadows are easier to see
As one more sun goes down and darkness gathers in
The tears I shed tonight will be for me

Repeat Chorus
Children sometimes fear their shadows
They try so hard to get away
Maybe I’m one of those children
And i am still running today, still running today

Repeat Chorus