From the recording Tuesday in the Rain


I Don’t Need Nothin’
Verse One
Some guys need to drive aroundin big Ol’ fancy cars
Just so they can feel like they are more than they are
Some guys need a big Ol’ mansionway up on a hill
Filled with every sort of thing for every sort of thrill
Some need gold to be content
Others say they’re heaven sent
But me, I’ve got just one thing to reveal
I Don’t Need Nothin’, I Don’t Need Nothin’
I Don’t Need Nothin’, with you I’ve got enough
I Don’t Need Nothin’, no nothin’ at all
Nothin’, nothin’ but your love
Verse Two
Some guys wear designer clothes and all those fancy things
Just to hang around in bars, lookin’ to be seen
Some guys travel round the world time and again
Just so they can brag about the places that they’ve been
Some guys never are content
Wanting things that they can’t get
But me, I don’t need those things to fit in
Repeat Chorus