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My Simple Prayer For You
Verse One
I found a faded photograph of when the boys were young
They were swimming in a lake beneath a setting sun
So much trust and innocence there in their eyes
No cares in the world as the evening drifted by
I remember thinking they’d be grown and gone some day
And if the time was right, I might get a chance to say
I hope you always have a peaceful heart
No matter where you go or what you do
And that you never lose that childish joy
This is my Simple Prayer For You
Verse Two
I could almost hear their laughter and feel the evening breeze
As I found myself completely lost within those memories
I realized then how precious those moments were for me
The lazy summer days beneath those shady trees
Well now the boys have all but grown and gone upon their way
Still every now and then I get a chance to say
Repeat Chorus
Sometimes I’ve wondered could I have been a better dad
I think at times every father feels this way
When pride and insecurity would hold me back
Somehow I always tried to find some way to say
Repeat Chorus