From the recording Tuesday in the Rain


Walk By You Twice
Verse One
My luck with love was getting’ so bad
I thought love had given up on me
When every girl I walked by
Hardly even noticed me
But I felt my luck a changin’
The first time I saw you
When I walked by and caught your eye
Right then and there I knew
Do you believe in love at first sight
Well something’s tellin’ me your so right
Baby, you’re what I’ve been waitin’ for
And your right before my eyes
Do you believe in love at first sight
Or do I have to Walk By You Twice
Verse Two
The way you look, the way you smile
Sends shivers down my spine
Your my every dream come true
And I’ve got to make you mine
Honey, I can’t help myself
Your drivin’ me insane
I’m standin’ on the tracks of love
And baby you’re my train
Repeat Chorus
We get choices every moment
But, seldom a second chance
Girl it’s plain to see, you and me
Should be headed for romance
Repeat Chorus