From the recording Tuesday in the Rain

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The Devil In Angela

Verse One
From the first moment you meet her
You can’t hold back your heart
Her smile was so disarming
She has you right from the start
The glimpse she allows you of her world
Is shrouded in sweet mystery
As you try to become the kind of man
You think she wants you to be
Angela, you loose yourself in her eyes
Angela, you’ll never see through her disguise
No, you’ll only see what she wants you to see
Until you just can’t deny
The Devil, The Devil In Angela
Verse Two
She won’t save her love for just one man
And I don’t think that she ever will
Soon she’ll be searching out someone else
As the passion looses it’s thrill
She whispers to you your so different
And her promises cloud you sight
Till you find yourself sitting all alone
Counting the stars in the night
Repeat Chorus
All you give is never enough
No matter how hard you try
Cuz, when she’s done,
Like some broken toy
She’ll just toss you aside
Repeat Chorus