From the recording Tuesday in the Rain


Down In Coconut Land

Verse one
This Detroit winter wind
Can cut clean through my soul
Working in this parking lot
Watching the rich folks come and go
Big city livin’ gonna be the end of me
But, there’s a place that I want to be,
I seen it on TV

Down In Coconut land
Down In Coconut Land
Where the women run around with hardly nothin’ on
While I sit and sip rum all day long
Workin’ on my tan
Down In Coconut Land

Verse Two
My old lady, she ran off
With some foreign guy
Took the car and my stereo
Not even a note goodbye
Guess I’m gonna miss her
Maybe not, I don’t know
Cuz, now nothin’s standin’ in the way
Of where I want to go

Repeat Chorus

I’m savin’ every dollar
Gonna a leave this rundown shack
Soon enough I’ll be headin’ south
And I ain’t lookin’ back

Repeat Chorus