From the recording Tuesday in the Rain

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That Ol’ Sweet Summer Wind
Verse one
Driving down this dusty road
Back to my home town
Haven’t been back here since daddy died
Searching out old memories but everything has changed
Except the smell of sagebrush and the pine
I don’t know that anyone might recall my name
It’s been so long since I’ve been back and nothing feels the same
Except That Ol’ Sweet Summer Wind
Whispering hello old friend
Sure is good to see you again
I been wonderin where you been
I been wonderin’, wonderin’ where you been
Verse two
There’s that big ol’ willow tree
Down beside the creek
Where I spent those lazy August afternoons
Thinking about tomorrow and what I might grow up to be
Dreaming of all the things that I might do
Those moments were so precious, especially for me
A day could last forever just lost upon the breeze
Repeat Chorus