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A Reason, A Season or a Lifetime
Verse One
I caught up with an old friend last night after work
Hadn’t talked with him in quite a while
He told me his wife had passed about a year ago
And how he still misses her smile
He went on to say “It’s so hard to try and accept
That it was just simply her time”
Even though in his heart he knew it was the truth
It was hard to see the reason or the rhyme
He confessed “it still hurts, but I’m trying to move ahead
Sometimes I miss her so much” then he looked up and said
Smarter men than me, Smarter than I’ll ever be
They all seem to agree we’re here for
A Reason, A season Or A Lifetime
Verse Two
He told me how proud he was of the children they’d raised
It was like through them she was still alive
He said” I see her every day in both of them
Every time I look deep in their eyes”
He went on to say how precious now each moment was for him
Pausing he looked at me, then he said again
As I said good night and slowly walked away
I couldn’t get his words out of my head
Thinking back on all the people in my life
I finally saw the truth in what he said