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Motor City Baby
Verse One
Three weeks out on the road playin’ clubs and one night stands
I ain’t complainin’ I love this life, playin’ guitar in the band
But I can’t wait to get back home, just to see those Detroit lights
Yeah, soon enough I’ll be by her side tonight
My Motor City Baby, my Cadillac Lady
She isn’t like any other girl
When I’m with her she rocks my world
My Motor, Motor City Baby
Verse Two
Seems there’s someone every night in the crowd trying to catch my eye
I must confess a second glance if they happened to walk by
All those beauties with their bed room eyes, they’re just out to play the game
But they can’t hold a candle to the flame….of
Repeat Chorus
Maybe it’s the way she smiles or the way she whispers my name
Maybe it’s her gentle touch or the sound of her sweet refrain
Guess it doesn’t matter much what the reason might be
It’s enough to know she’s waiting there for me
Repeat Chorus