1. What A Ride

From the recording What a Ride


What A Ride
Verse One
The mist was just liftin’ off my favorite fishing hole
Where years ago my uncle used to take me
To kill the morning’s chill I pulled out that flask of Jack
He taught me to keep just for emergencies
The flask was an heirloom a hundred years old or so
My uncle gave me just before he died
And the memories of my uncle all came rushing back
As I read the words he’d etched upon it’s side..they read

Whoa, What A Ride
Don’t want no regrets lookin’ back across your life
When you finally meet my maker
You want to be worn out and tired, singin’
Whoa, What A Ride

Verse Two
Each time we went fishin’ I learned a little more about livin’
Like how your passion sometimes leads to pain
About reachin’ for your dreams while holdin’ your convictions
Even when your caught up in the game
He’d always tell me stories about all of his adventures
About how to get the best out of your life
He’d say there’s livin’ and then there’s Livin’
Enjoy it while you can
Cuz, no one’s getting’ out of here alive!…he’d say

Repeat Chorus

Still had fire in his eyes
The last time I saw him
Even though he grown so weak and frail
He leaned over and whispered
“Take care of this ol’ flask
And I’ll see you son,
Somewhere down the trail”…he’d say