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Nothing Down That Road
Verse One
Another night all alone sitting, waiting there at home
Here he is late again and he didn’t even call
She thinks back when they were young and their love had just begun
She wonders now what is left if anything at all
The road ahead held all their dreams
A life of happiness or so it seemed
Now today sadly all she sees
Is nothing, Nothing Down That Road
In her heart she knows his love’s gone cold
Still she hopes beyond all hope
But, you know the truth be told
There’s nothing, Nothing Down That Road
Verse Two
He denies there’s someone new still on his clothes is that perfume
Now he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore I
If time has turned his heart away from anything she can do or say
What is left to keep him from finally walking out that door
She cries out loud “what can I do,
There’s nothing left to hold onto”
She finds herself just staring at the truth
Repeat Chorus
He came home and found her note sitting by the bed
“I can’t take this anymore, were through” is all it said
Repeat Chorus