1. My Weary Heart

From the recording What a Ride


My Weary Heart
Verse One
Lately this ol’ life’s been weighin’ on me
Some new trouble every day
Just when I think my luck is changin’
Seems it all just slips away
When it all comes down around
And my best just ain’t good enough
Somehow you take that sadness from me
With your kindness and your love
So just let me lie here, here in your arms
And let me rest My Weary Heart
Verse Two
When I come home tired and worn out
And I look into your eyes
Though I always try to hide it
You see right through my disguise
Girl, there’s some kind of magic
In that gentle smile
And the way you reach to hold me
Makes it all worthwhile
Repeat Chorus
In the morning I know that I’ll find the strength to do it all again
But tonight I just need some time, some place away from it all
Some place to let my spirit mend
Repeat Chorus