From the recording What a Ride


Just You And Me

Verse One
Some southern fried music, some BBQ wings
Some ice cold beer, yeah, that’s what we’ll bring
Grab the fishin’ poles and we’ll head up to the lake
It’s gonna be great baby I can’t wait

I know a quiet spot along the shore
‘Neath a big ol’ willow tree
Where there ain’t no one gonna bother us
And we can do what we please
Oh, there’s no where in this whole wide world
That I would rather be
Than a summer day in the shade
Just You And Me

Verse Two
Lyin’ on a blanket there in the grass
Watch the clouds in the sky as they drift on past
Forget the fishin’ poles, we’ll leave’m in the truck
A little huggin’ and a kissin’ and a you know what

Repeat Chorus

Well, I can’t resist your gentle smile
So soft and warm
And it’s a piece of heaven
When I’m lying in your arms


Repeat Chorus