From the recording What a Ride


Arizona Twilight
Verse One
The Saguaro stand like sentinels against the dying sun
As the crimson fades from the desert sky
This lonely stretch of highway just goes on and on
As I try to brush my weariness aside
I keep going over what you said last night on the phone
How you can’t take this anymore, night after night alone
You always said there is a price for chasing after dreams
Still we always felt we’d get through this alright
I never thought the price I’d have to pay could mean losing you
Oh, if I could hold you in my arms tonight
In this Arizona Twilight
Verse Two
Traveling around the country, playing my own songs
Was the dream you always shared with me
But living from a suitcase eventually got old
More and more, home is where you chose to be
Keeping love alive long distance can way upon a heart
But we believed that nothing could pull us apart
Repeat Chorus

Driving through this desert, I’ve had time to think this through
Now I see just what I have to do
Tomorrow night at Mesa I’m playing my last show
Cuz, none of this means a thing without you
Repeat Chorus