1. Row The Boat

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Row The Boat
Words and Music: Mark Elder

Verse One
A steamy summer evening, at my favorite bar
I ordered up my usual, but I didn’t get too far
The bartender said this note’s from her
The blonde with the bedroom eyes
Well, the note read, boy, I really like your style
What say we go outside…and

Row The Boat
Put some motion in the sea
Row The Boat
Let’s go make some memories
Row The Boat
No, this ain’t no fantasy
Won’t you slip away,
Slip away with me

Verse Two
After I introduced myself, the evening wasn’t very old
Before the whiskey and her perfume began to take its toll
I guess I missed her wedding ring
Maybe I was being blind
When she said “Hey, let’s go find someplace
Where we can go unwind…and”

Repeat Chorus

She went to use the Ladies Room before we could leave that place
Suddenly there’s this big ol’ guy getting’ in my face
He said “That lady, she’s my wife so get this through your head
You try doin’ what I think you want to do, you might just end up dead”

Verse Three
Well, I guess if there’s a morale to my little song
It’d be “Don’t you put your oar someplace it don’t belong”
If you find yourself starin’ back
Into those eyes so blue
Make sure there ain’t no wedding ring,
If she says to you…let’s

Repeat Chorus