From the recording What a Ride


You Soften The Sadness
Verse One
Never been good at sayin’ how I feel
Talkin’ things out this way
But here I am now at your door
Tryin’ to find the words to say
In the time since we’ve meet
I can’t help but see a change
I look at things so differently
More than I can explain
Oh, I can’t believe
How you take the loneliness from me
You bring hope to a hopeless day
With just one kiss
Girl, You Soften The Sadness
Verse Two
Well, I have been in love before
But it only brought me pain
Left me brokenhearted
Standing in the rain
But, you’ve given me a reason now
To believe in love again
Tear down these walls around my heart
And let you in
Repeat Chorus
I never thought I’d find somebody new
Someone to fill the emptiness,
Then I found you
Repeat Chorus