1. Just For Today

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Just For Today
Verse one
God you and me , we’ve always been strangers
It’s always seemed like you didn’t care
God, can you hear me, are you listening to me
If so believe me when I say I’m willing to try this your way
Just For Today, I want to wake in the sunlight
Let it wash all of my worries away
Let the stillness carry me to a place where I’m free
God, could you help me with is

Just For Today
Verse Two
Most of my life I’ve hid in the shadows
Caught up in fear I’ve hid from your grace
God, can you see me, I’m worn out and weary
But now I’m willing, willing to try this leap of faith
There’s got to be more to life, this I believe
So I’m placing my trust in what I feel and not what I see