My Side of the Street

Verse One
I used to think that I could change the world, but now I see
The only thing I’m ever going to change is what goes in me
I keep an eye on my emotions and my motives everyday
Cuz, fear and anger are just waiting to overwhelm me along the way
So when I’m wrong say I’m wrong, make amends and move on
It’s plain to it’s up to me to keep it neat

On My Side of the Street
Verse Two
I can’t expect to make the right choice each day of my life
But now I’ve got a higher power to lean on for advice
When I find I’m on the wrong road I just listen to my heart
Soon enough I’m on the right road and a brand new place to start

When I’m at fault and I hurt someone I must never hesitate
Apologize for the damage done, make amends and clean the slate