A New Day’s Dawn

Verse One
I’ve awakened to a new horizon filled with joy and mystery
Well I’ve been given one more chance freed at last from my past
And just a little faith was the key
Now I’ve found new strength and courage with every single step I take
Though the winds a change may blow I’ll stand fast cuz, now I know
In this world nothing happens by mistake

God I pray help me to live this day, help me to find my way
On this new road I’m on
In front of me as far as the eye can see
There is a New Day’s Dawn
Verse Two
The precious gift I’ve been given, they say to keep it strong
You got to give it away
Share experience, hope and strength when I meet someone in need
Cuz, a candle loses nothing when it shares it’s flame

I’m learning to live my life now one day at a time
Tomorrow’s in God’s hands not in mine