That Distant Shore
Verse 1
In my mind is a place that I have seen
As haunting as a half remembered dream
Where ocean waves break gently
Upon a sunlight beach
And beyond lie the green bluffs
With the wind in the whisperweed
Where the troubles in life
Can touch me no more
With all I have left, I shall not rest
Till I reach That Distant Shore
Verse 2
When I feel like I’m lost and adrift at sea
Surrounded by the storms of adversity
Searching for direction
On a dark and starless night
I think about that place
That is just beyond my sight
Repeat Chorus
I’m not saying that this is the only truth
Or anyone should believe the way I do
But in my heart I know this is not some fantasy
When the vail of life is lifted, that’s where I will be
Repeat Chorus